Do you want to become a real Parisian? This article will teach you in 10 parts how to immerse yourself in the capital of France.




To begin with, how to live a Parisian’s typical working day? I have to warn you that it's not as easy as you imagine, as it is not the ideal life of Parisian at all!



7:00 am: It's not only time to wake up but also time for a cup of coffee which you're totally addicted to. You can also enjoy a perfect breakfast of toast with jam and lovely pastries. In the morning, it may take you long time in the bathroom, because a Parisian must be elegant under all circumstances (even if he will be late).




8:00 am: You are ready to leave your house and you run very hard to jump into the first crowded metro. Luckily, there is no power failure, no traffic jam or strike today, the subway works well. In order to kill time (and to keep away from others), you put on your headphones and listen to music. If you were lucky enough to find a seat, just try to read a book in the bumps.




9:00 am: After spending more than 40 minutes on public transport, you have finally arrived at the office. It's now time for the second cup of coffee to buck up for the busy day.




12:30 pm: It's time for the lunch break, and you have several choices: either you go to the cafeteria with colleagues as usual, or you have a delicious sandwich in the bakery nearby to breath the fresh air. If you have more time, don’t hesitate to accompany your girlfriend to eat sushi.




2:00 pm: Alright, it's time to get back to work. Even though you're overwhelmed and dream of a ten minutes’ nap, you still need to buck up with the 4th coffee of today. Comme on!




6:00 pm: Finally! You've just finished a busy/dawdling day, bravo! Now you hang out with your friends or colleagues like every night, and drink beer on a rooftop bar during Happy Hour. Even if it always cost you 8 € per pint... If you're in the mood, you can also eat a hamburger with classic French fries in this beer bar. And, what about a cup of red wine?




9:00 pm: It's time to come back home, still by metro... There are fewer people than morning rush hour, but you continue to moan, because a person walks so slowly in the corridors that makes you miss a subway. 




11:00 pm: You're exhausted, so you decide to go to bed as soon as possible to be in good condition tomorrow. You counted that you'll have 8 hours of sleep, perfect to help you recover from the fatigue of today. Tomorrow is another day!