Want to become a real Parisian? This article will teach you in 10 parts how to immerse yourself in Paris. 




The metro is convinient, but every morning it's nevertheless a torture. Always crowded, difficult to escape from the crowd, the tourists with heavy baggages often get lost, let alone the situation of breakdown and delay. Taking a subway has already been a habit. You often complain about it, but it's undoubtedly essential. If you're a Parisian then you will find yourself in the following circumstances: 


_You know all the secret shortcuts in the metro, you know which corridor can make you gain maximum time and where there are fewer people.



_You know which position is the closest to the exit, and then you will be the first one to reach the stairs. 



_You never get stuck on the left side of the escalators, instead you stay on the right side. But most of the time you walk (or even run) on the left, in order to not miss the next metro. 



_You don't hesitate to run in the corridors of metro so that you can save a minute. Pay attention to everyone who is on your way! 



_You are a regular passenger of the metro so you definitely own a Navigo Pass. You won't choose to buy a ticket, which costs you too much time and makes you look like a tourist!



_As a Parisian, you must know how to avoid some busy stations like Châtelet or Saint-Lazare. And if you have any other choice, just forget about line 13. 



_When the metro is full and you want to get out, you don't hesitate to shove everyone, step on passengers' feet, mean while shouting unpleasantly « Pardon ! ». But you are absolutely not sorry about that.



_Since you take the metro frequently, you bear in mind the map of Parisian metro, each line, each color, and even the order of each station. It's almost scary ! 



_At the beginning of each month, like most Parisians, you line up in front of machine to recharge the famous Navigo Pass. 



_If you are a real Parisian, you won't know RER or train, because you never go to the suburbs.