Aaah... the Parisian! It's a well-known myth and icon, which can't be imitated in the short term, because it's an art of living! 




Here are 10 advices below for you to become a perfect woman of Paris : 



  1. Always be well dressed and elegant! As a Parisian, you shouldn't follow the trend but lead the trend. 


  1. Never smile in the street! A qualified Parisian does not smile, you can nag and blow but that's all.


  1. Never go to tourist attraction! Because whenever you pass by the Eiffel Tower, there are too many people and tourists. And obviously you don't want to be one of them.  


  1. Have an ecological conscience! From now on, you use bike for transortation, which is also a great way to burn calories of breafkast. 


  1. Eat bio and vegetarian food (anyway you will have a try)! It's your attitude towards ecology, but it doesn't stop you from wearing leather...


  1. Prepare a pair of spare shoes in your bag! Because when you need to walk in high heels in capital's paved streets, you will be happy to find a pair of flat shoes in your bag. 


  1. Live in the center of Paris! It's so tacky to live in the suburbs, and it looks much cooler to pay for a small room (even the rent is extremely high). 


  1. Never walk through the crosswalk! Because you're full of rebellious spirit, but take care of cars.


  1. Always in a hurry! But you still take some time to stroll in front of the windows of luxury shops.


  1. Practice Yoga! Because it's the new trend of exercise, which can also make you look morden and cool.



Bonus time:


  1. Always bring some cigarettes with you! And then you will complain that you can't smoke inside anymore.