To change a little from the typical articles about what to bring back from Paris, here is a list of souvenirs NOT to bring back from our capital.


The miniature Eiffel Tower : Although it is often THE souvenir to bring back from its stay in Paris, these mini Eiffel Towers are mostly made in Asia. These products usually go back to China when tourists from Asia buy these gadgets. So why not bring back a Made in France souvenir instead ?

An Eiffel Tower snow globe :   In the same register as the Eiffel Tower keychain and the miniature Eiffel Tower, the snow globe is one of those souvenirs that have become tacky over the years. Often imported from Asia and bought from a street vendor, the snow globe is neither authentic nor Parisian. In addition, most of the time, it will eventually take the dust off a shelf ...

Counterfeiting : You think you have made a good deal by buying, in the streets of Paris, a brand name product, at a lower cost ? Chances are it will be fake ! Be careful who and where to buy your luxuries, because the products "Dior" and "Guerlain" are certainly a scam.

The "I love Paris" clothing :  To be honest, this is the kind of clothes you'll wear once when you're on vacation and never again. It must be said that these T-shirts, sweaters or others are still not very trendy.

French food :  French gastronomy is famous throughout the world and one often wants to bring back in its suitcase a piece of cheese or other products of the French soil to share with the family. Bad idea ! Your suitcase may smell like cheese but in addition, bring meat and dairy products is prohibited according to the destinations for sanitary reasons.


To help you in the quest for the ideal souvenir gift to bring back from your stay in Paris, you will find below, ideas that will please you for sure !