Miro DVD, The Inner Fire

Miro DVD, The Inner Fire

DVD Impertinent Venezia

Venice, the Serenissima, in the early eighteenth century is an independent republic governed by a Doge. It has its army, its spies, its colonies in the East and does not hesitate to wage her own wars. But in 1797, Venice surrendered to Napoleon Bonaparte ... who yielded to Austria. The permanent party ends and the masks fall.

But the eighteenth century forged Venice; it has certainly lost its economic and political aura, but it continues to shine today with its festivals, its beauty and its magic. This film has its source in our time to better dive into this bubbling and mysterious story; a journey made of constant back and forth where the only words of the narrator will guide our steps in this labyrinthine city. From palazzi to palazzi, from canals to canals, the city was built with its carnival and mysterious masks, its music from the castrates to Vivaldi's violins, its paintings by Canaletto, Longhi to Tiepolo and its amorous and even libertine dimension with Casanova, Sade and Don Giovanni.

This is what tells Venice, the insolent that embarks us between the flamboyance of Venice of the eighteenth century and today that still amazes, fascinates and captivates.

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Authors : Laurence Thiriat is a journalist - director. She has made many documentaries of society but especially cultural themes, including Delacroix, Doisneau, Chagall, Picasso... for France 5 or Arte. Leslie Grunberg is a former producer of feature films and cultural documentaries. He is now dedicated to writing documentary film, mainly for the Arte channel.

Public: All ages

Runtime: 52 minutes

Format NTSC

Zones: All zones

Museum: Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais

Themes: Architecture, History, Italy, Views of cities, castles and monuments

Art movements: Art italien, 18th century

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