Are you a buyer?

  1. how do you manage your account on gimmefy?
  2. a - Register or delete your account

    b-Change your password

    c - Register or unsubscribe from the newsletter

    d - Use your wishlist

    e - Buy on behalf of a third party

  3. How to place an order and track it?
  4. a - Place an order

    b - Choose a payment method

    c - How to contact the seller?

    d - Request a personalized offer

    e - Know if an item is available

    f - Track the delivery of an order

    g - What should I do in case of non-response from a seller following an email?

    h - Request an invoice

  5. How to cancel an order and know the return policy?
  6. a - Cancel an order before the shipping

    b - Request a refund

    c - Print a return label

    d - What should I do if my return request is denied?

Are you a seller?

  1. How to sell on Gimmefy?
  2. a - What is the sales process on Gimmefy?

    b - What does it cost to sell on Gimmefy?

    c - What are your responsibilities as a seller?

  3. How to manage your shop on Gimmefy?
  4. How to manage your account and dashboard on Gimmefy?

  5. How to handle cancellations and returns?

Should you have any other questions that have not been answered in this F.A.Q., do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you a buyer?

  1. How do you manage your account on Gimmefy?
  2. a. Register or delete your account

    We are happy for your decision to register on the website www.gimmefy.com ! Here are the steps to follow:

    Go to "Connection" at the top right of the site
    As "New Customers", then click on "create an account"
    Define your "personal information" and "login information"
    Do not forget to accept our conditions of use, and above all, to subscribe to our newsletter which will keep you up-to-date on our activities
    To finish, click on "create an account". You will receive an email confirming the creation of your account. Please check your junk mail as well, in case the email has not arrived

    If you already have an account on Gimmefy, just click on "log in" and then enter directly your email address and the password.
    Thinking about deleting your Gimmefy account? Please write us at: contact@gimmefy.com, we will call you back immediately to give you a thousand of reasons to stay with us.

    b. Change your password

    To change your password, go to the "Sign In" page and follow these steps:

    In the "Client Access" section, click on "Forgot your password? ". You will receive an email that will allow you to change your password. If after five (5) minutes you do not receive this email, please check at first in your junk mail, and if the email is still not there, please contact us at: contact@gimmefy .com
    Then, click on the link "Set a new password" included in the email you received
    Enter your new password and confirm it by entering it a second time
    Finally, click on "change password". You will now be able to login with your new password.

    In addition, changing your password is also possible from your dashboard, accessible after a successful connection.

    c. Register and unsubscribe from the newsletter

    Do you want to get the latest news about the french know-how? or unprecedented information to enrich your travel experience in France? Or simply, receive a preview of information about our special operations or private sales? Then, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, by entering your email address at the bottom right, on the homepage!

    Do you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter? We hope to make you change your mind! To do this, send us an email at: contact@gimmefy.com and we will call you back immediately.
    If after our attempt to convince you to stay with us, you still do not want to receive the Gimmefy newsletter anymore, please go to your dashboard and perform the following steps:

    Click on "Personal Information"
    Go to the "Newsletter" section at the bottom of the page
    Then uncheck the box and save

    d. Use your wishlist

    The wishlist will allow you to save your favorite items. You will usually put the products you like, or those for which you want to postpone your purchasing decision, or want to follow the price evolution of these products. When you save a product in your wishlist, we automatically inform you by email, as soon as the product undergoes any modification: lower price, product availability, etc.

    To put an article in your wishlist, please follow the following steps:

    Go to the announcement of the article you like
    Click on the little heart at the bottom left of the main picture
    Look at the top right, on the icon with the big heart of the wishlist, the number of articles contained in this list.

    The article will be well recorded in your wish list, and also available in your dashboard. Be careful, putting an item in your wish list does not mean that it is reserved for you!

    To remove an item from your wish list, click on the wishlist icon, and then click on "Delete Item". From the wishlist, it is also possible to add all the products in the cart, in order to proceed with the purchase.

    e. Buy on behalf of a third party

    It is totally possible to buy on Gimmefy if you represent a company. For any question concerning a professional buyer account (search for product packages, customized products, etc.), you can contact us at the following email: contact@gimmefy.com.

  3. How to place and follow and track it?
  4. a. Place an order

    To place an order on the site, the buyer must:
    Select the products to buy and add them to the basket
    From the cart, click on "Proceed to Payment"
    Enter a delivery address and choose a delivery method
    Select a payment method and place the order. Do not forget to accept the conditions of sale before finalizing the order.

    b. Choose a payment method

    The payment of the order is carried out on the site with a valid means of payment:
    Mobile payment: ALIPAY, WECHAT Pay

    c. How to contact the seller?

    If you have questions about a product, you can submit them to the seller who will answer you within 48 hours maximum. For this, here are some steps to follow:
    Log into your account and go to the product card
    Click on the "Contact Seller" link, which you will see below the product description
    Fill in the contact form that will be displayed and click on "send"

    In addition, you can also contact the seller of the product, via the messaging accessible from your dashboard. The specific contact details of the seller will only be displayed in the dashboard after the confirmation of your order.

    d. Request a personalized offer

    We will be happy to meet your specific needs, bringing you the best of our site. To request a personalized offer, please contact us at the following address: contact@gimmefy.com.

    e. Know if an item is available

    To check the availability of a product, go to the product sheet, and look next to the price of the product, the words "Availability: In stock", which confirms the availability of the product. In case the product is not available, you will see the words "Availability: Not in stock". However, even if the product is not in stock, you can contact us by email at: contact@gimmefy.com to tell us your need. We will do everything to respond as quickly as possible.

    f. Track the delivery of an order

    Within 24 hours of shipping the order, the seller will inform you of the approximate date of delivery of his order. The seller will give you the tracking number of the delivery by email. To follow the delivery of your order, go to your dashboard, under the heading "My orders" and discover the messages of the carrier, concerning the delivery.

    g. What to do in case of non-response from a seller following an email?

    The seller has forty-eight (48) business hours to reply to the message you send him. After this period and in case of non-response, please contact us by email at: contact@gimmefy.com.

    h. Request an invoice

    From your dashboard, you can request an invoice to the seller once the order is validated.

  5. How to cancel an order and know how to return
  6. a. Cancel an order before the shipping

    We are sorry that you have to cancel your order and are ready to help you change your mind! However, be aware that you have the full right. You have 2 possibilities to do it:
    Send us an email at contact@gimmefy.com
    Contact the seller of the product directly
    Upon receipt of your message, you will be fully refunded, if and only if the product has not yet been shipped.

    In case the shipment has already taken place, and you have already received the order, the delivery and return costs, will be at your expense.
    If the product has been shipped and we are on the shipment day, we will only pay you half of the delivery costs.

    b. Request a refund

    Any refund requested will be made using the payment method you used when placing your order. The payback times will depend on the processing times of your banking institution.

    c. Print a return label

    As a reminder, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days. You must contact the seller to initiate the return procedure. The seller will analyze your request and, in the event that all conditions are met, will send you a return label by email, along with the return instructions.
    We insist that returned products will be accepted only if they are in their original packaging. Any product returned damaged or removed from its original packaging, will not be taken back.

    d. What if my return request is denied?

    Your return request may be refused for the following reasons: The 14-day withdrawal period is exceeded
    The returned product has been damaged, either upon receipt or upon return
    In case of refusal, we invite you to contact us at the following address: contact@gimmefy.com We will try to find a solution.

Are you a seller?

  1. How to sell on Gimmefy?
  2. a. What is the sales process on Gimmefy?

    From the home page, go to the drop-down menu and click on "Sell on Gimmefy"
    Follow the registration steps which include 5 steps: personal information, your company information, your business address, your Gimmefy store information, your bank details and payment details
    Accept the site conditions of use and validate your registration
    Select the products you want to sell on Gimmefy and load them by following the product loading procedure
    Mention in your ads the main characteristics (content and format, etc.) of the products on sale. The prices will be in EUROS. The price of each product is indicated inclusive of all taxes (VAT), excluding delivery charges, in the product description, on the quotation line corresponding to the selected seller
    Communicate us, your delivery methods. These terms and conditions are defined in your conditions of sale
    After an order (validated after payment of the customer), we will send you a confirmation email. You have forty-eight (48) business hours to cancel or confirm product availability and accept the order. In the case of a failure to reply on your part, beyond 48 hours, the sale will be automatically cancelled, and the order of the buyer cancelled
    The buyer can consult the invoice of his purchase either in his dashboard, or by contacting you directly from this space, to receive a copy of the invoice. Delivery charges are the responsibility of the buyer and are expressed in euros, all taxes included (TTC)
    Within 24 hours of shipping the order, you inform the buyer of the approximate date of delivery of the order, and also we provide this information. You give us and the buyer the tracking number of the delivery by email
    The customer will have 14 days to possibly exercise his right of retraction. In this case, he will contact you and you will print a return label to send him by email
    Subject to a return of the product respecting the conditions of return (product returned in its original state, without any damage), you confirm the receipt of your product, and we proceed to refund the customer;
    Finally, 2 weeks after delivery, the customer is invited to give his/her opinion on their purchase experience and their satisfaction with the product.

    b. What does it cost on Gimmefy?

    The use of Gimmefy is completely free: there is no variable cost or monthly subscription. We only charge a fixed commission of 15% on each sale. The fees collected are used to cover transaction costs, tools to ensure the best security on our site and marketing costs.

    c. What are your responsibilities as a seller?

    As a seller, you guarantee:
    The conformity of the products put on sale in your shop
    The accuracy of the content posted online
    The absence of hidden defect in the products
    The respect for the rights of third parties
    The publication of your general conditions of sale and your product return policy;
    In Gimmefy, the absence of complaint of the buyer on the aforementioned elements
    Gimmefy against any action in liability that would be incurred against him in respect of an operation performed by you on the site

  3. How to manage your shop on Gimmefy?

    You have as a seller, a shop that allows you to display, in addition to the products you sell, other information allowing the buyer to know you better and interact with you. You have the possibility to modify the information as you wish. Here is a list of non-exhaustive actions you can do in your shop:
    Sell items
    Edit an ad
    Remove an item from the shop
    Answer questions from customers

    We regularly make changes to the functionality of the store, to improve your sales experience, and to increase the perception of your brand and your activities with site users and customers.

  4. How to manage your account and dashboard on Gimmefy?
  5. As a salesperson, you have a dashboard that gives you a detailed overview of your activity on Gimmefy:
    Sales development and evolution, product mix
    Customer characteristics and order details received Tools to upload new products to the site
    List of customer reviews you have received
    Marketing tools (promotion on prices) and communication

    You can also find your account details in your dashboard.

  6. How to handle cancellations and returns?
  7. When a buyer makes a return request, we check the regularity of the request (14 days withdrawal period), as well as a check (photos / videos) of the condition of the product and its packaging. before sending you the request. Subsequently, we communicate your postal address to the customer so that he returns the article as soon as possible.

    Quick reminder, as a seller, the customer can also send you the return request directly. If this is the case, you can follow the procedure described above.

    The refund to the customer is made from the moment you received your item in return. We ask the client to follow up so that you are kept informed.

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