1. Accepted methods of payment
  2. Add or modify a payment method
  3. Receive a payment as a seller
  4. a – Revenue transfer

    b - When am I paid?

    c - How do I get paid?

  5. Are payments secured?
  6. a - Maximum security of our site

    b - Robust and globally recognized payment platform for its reliability

    c - Website hosted on Amazon Web Services

  1. Accepted methods of payment

  3. Add or modify a payment method
  4. When you make your first payment, you must add a credit/debit card. You will be asked to register this payment card, to facilitate your future purchases on the site. You will also be able to delete a payment method whenever you want.

  5. Receive a payment as a seller
  6. a. Revenue transfer

    We use the platform Stripe Connect (accessible from your dashboard), which in addition to guaranteeing the security of transfers, allows you to directly and instantly assign your due after each purchase. For this service, Stripe will receive $ 2 (1.76 EUR) per month + 0.25% of the amount transferred to your bank account.
    Membership in this Stripe service is however not mandatory (the transfer can also be done manually - in this case you send us an invoice to request the transfer) but we strongly recommend it for its convenience.

    b. When am I paid?

    The transfer of earnings to your bank account is scheduled to be made every two weeks. Payment adjustments can be made based on refunds related to customer product returns.

    c. How do I get paid?

    The payment is made by bank transfer on the RIB that you provided during your registration on the site, or in your dashboard.
    However, we are obliged to receive, for administrative reasons, the following mandatory documents:

    A valid double-sided ID in color (CNI, passport or driver's license)
    A SIRET / SIREN number

  7. Are payments secured?
  8. Our site includes all the security guarantees available today:

    a. Maximum security of our site

    We have received the extended validation (EV) SSL certificate that guarantees the highest level of security for a website. The SSL EV certificate displays our company name right next to the green lock enabled in the address bar, to prove that our site is trustworthy and foolproof.

    b. Robust payment platform and globally recognized for its reliability

    Our payment partner - Stripe - is a provider of payment solutions designed for a global customer base. Stripe meets the most stringent standards and guidelines in the industry. Here are some of the things that make our Stripe payment solution so robust:

    PCI DSS Level 1 certification
    Reports SSAE18 / SOC 1 Type 1 and 2
    Complies with the European directive DSP2 and the strong authentication of the customer
    e-money license in Europe
    Cash transfer license in the USA
    ETF (Transfer of Funds) license registered in Canada
    AFSL license in Australia

    All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Stripe's infrastructure for storing, decrypting and transmitting card numbers runs independently without sharing any sensitive information with Stripe's core services.

    c. Website hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    As an AWS customer, we have a data center and network architecture designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding organizations in terms of security.

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